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Antiguo 11/10/2011, 15:22
jccd jccd no está en línea
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Predeterminado steering faulty porsche cayenne

i have bought a porsche cayenne 2004 v6 3.2 100.000km, over 2 months ago, but 1 month ago that is at home because of the "STEERING FAULTY" warning message. the car is totally locked and does not even let the scanner to access to it, the car gave me a warning message "add coolant fluid" 2 hours before the steering faulty warning message....
i live in bolivia and here there is not a porsche dealer or porsche authorized center!!
please any help of any will be apreciate....
thanks for helping!!
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Antiguo 12/01/2016, 11:41
bigblock bigblock no está en línea
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Sorry to hear about that, it is very weird, in my opinion you should bring your car into a porsche service.

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Antiguo 13/01/2016, 00:13
Hernan_arg Hernan_arg no está en línea
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Even wtih the fault present on the Kessy it should allow you to read faults on every other control module, have you tried to turn on the hazard lights? if it's a 04 it will allow you to acces the kessy only with the hazard lights on.
Which kind of OBD reader have you tried? if it's a universal OBDII it probably won't go into a gen 1 Cayenne since they are pretty particular on the comunication protocols they use, even the PIWIS II takes ages to get read all the control modules.
You can try Durametrics, it won't allow you to work on any security feature but you can read all the ohter control modules and erase faults if neccesary.
The most common fault in the gen I is the steering column lock, (ELV) if it's faulty you must replace the steering column and in most cases you will need also a new Kessy control unit since is really hard to code the new ELV into the old Kessy.
Try the hazard lights and see if there is any difference!
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