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Antiguo 17/11/2007, 21:25
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Amen indeed
996 MK2 GT3 CS - Manthey K410, KW3, Alcon, RS29
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Antiguo 01/05/2010, 18:46
James Herne James Herne no está en línea
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Is the 911 the best Porsche?
If you can afford the 997, then, yes it is the best Porsche, otherwise maybe not...

911 is the synonym to Porsche as it has been in production almost half the century. It is defenitely the best sports car of last century. But 911 is not flawless.

In the end of the 1980's, the 944 Turbo was a better car than the 911 Carrera. It was quicker and it handled much, much better (the 944 was the best handling car in the world). But not everyone is looking for the performance. Most of the buyers don't consider the performance (power, handling and brakes) so important. They chose the 911 because of its engine sound and it's unmistakable design – no other car on the planet looks like a 911. They didn't care that the trunk was in a size of a big man's pocket and that the heating system was designed when the fire was invented. The 944 Turbo was certainly a much better car than the 911 Carrera, but people never buy the best products, they follow their hearts and that is not wrong.

For me the most important thing about the sports car is what makes it a „sports“ car – the performance, the best performance your wallet can afford.

In last 20 years Porsche hasn't made better cars than 911, so it is perfectly understandable that for most of the people the ultimate Porsche is the 911.

For the people, who care about the performance and who cannot afford the 996 Turbo, a 944 Turbo is still on the buying list together with different generations of the 911 Carreras, just because in one full day you can make enough modifcations to the 951 to outperform any 911 Carrera before the 997 generation. And the engine will not explode like it will with the 996 Carrera.

928? It is not a sportscar, but a GT cruiser. I have owned the 4.4L 928 and the 5.4L GTS and I didn't like either of them. I did like the engine sound, but that didn't make the car quicker on the race track, so what's the point...

968? It is just a 944 S3, so a good car, but not worth writing here a long story about it. 944S2 and Turbo are more durable cars.

Cayman has only 2 seats, so it is not a car for a person who has friends. Or family. I have both.

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Porsche Cabriolet

When choosing a Porsche Cabriolet, the story is a little bit different, but not so much. I mean the first beautiful 911 Cabrio was the 996 Cabrio as the soft top shape on the older models was quite ugly and when the top was down, then the windscreen looked too much straight up (like BMW E30 cabrio – not beautiful). As the 996 Cabrios had the major engine problems, the first 911 Cabrio to buy, would be the 997 Cabrio (although I think the 997 3.6 has basically the 996 3.6 engine but I haven't fortunately heard about the engine problems yet).

What Porsche Cabriolet to buy then, if you cannot afford the 997 Cabrio? Boxster has 2 seats and the 986 cars have exploding engines. And the performance of the non-S Boxsters is a real joke. I have never understood what Porsche thought when the made the 986 Boxster. The entry-level Porsche used to be a 3.0-litre 240 hp 968 with 6-speed gearbox and the next entry-level Porsche was a 2.5-litre 204 hp Boxster with 5-speed gearbox. Awful...
968 Cabriolet or 944 Cabriolet? Both are very good cars, but for me the 944 Cabriolet looks better (it was the best-looking cabrio in the world at the time of production). 944 S2 and Turbo are a little bit more reliable, too. I don't think it is because they were made in Audi factory, but who knows... I have felt the Audi-produced 944's always had slightly higher quality than the 911's and 968's produced in Stuttgart.

My conclusion: 944 can be a very good car if it is a 951 and 911 can be a very bad car if it is a 996 Carrera.

So, the one who says that the 911 is the best Porsche, doesn't know Porsches. (I have owned 14 Porsches and sold approx. 100 Porsches)
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Antiguo 21/04/2011, 14:06
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After you have had in my life countless cars of various makes and models, Porsche is one of the two brands that I have created an addiction, really is not the brands that used for travel or for everyday use, but to enjoy the fact of possessing.
Enjoy having a Porsche, you know that you own a value just by looking to spend time caring fills you with satisfaction.
It is a vehicle with a strong sports character, the car itself conveys a feeling of power and security and in turn transmits sportiness and elegance, values ​​that are sometimes not compatible, but if you live Porsche.
I recently sold my porsche, quickly bought another, I doubt stay again without my porsche if not to replace it.
Greetings to everyone.

If you want different results, do not do the same thing
"Hay que aprender a darles a las personas el mismo valor e importancia que ellos nos dan"
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