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Antiguo 07/02/2014, 20:17
Avatar de evan
evan evan no está en línea
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Ubicación: Costa Blanca
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Modelo actual Porsche: 2004 Boxster S
Predeterminado Homemade PSE version 1.0 done, the "Evan Sport Exhaust"! pics/vid/writeup =>

I have been working hard to make my own version of the PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust) with valves and a switch, which I have built now:

I started with an old muffler from a 2000 S. First it needed some polishing of course. I got the vacuum valves from Capristo in Germany.

The plan was to do a partial muffler bypass (think Pedro or Fister) but connect the bypass into the outer chambers of the muffler like the PSE, and with flap control. I should have run the bypass to the exhaust outlets for more sound-- its a little too quiet. Version 2.0 will do this, also inside the muffler so it will retain the nice look (and hopefully pass ITV inspections.) Since I can weld stainless, I could build it any way I wanted to, so this was my first try.

The finished work:

The wiring: Unlike the stock PSE from the factory, I did not want to let the car decide when to close or open my exhaust valves based on speed. I wanted a dashboard switch, where I get to pick when the good noises are on or off. Since Porsche switches are momentary, there needs to be a way for the circuit to stay activated or be deactivated with just a pulse from the switch. Solution: a latching relay. This great invention will allow a circuit to remain energized or be disconnected when triggered by a 12 volt pulse. Push the dash switch, the relay gets a quick pulse of 12V, and turns the circuit on (or off). In my case, I have the relay switching ground, since I needed a switched ground to turn on the LED on the switch when the circuit is active. When active, the circuit switches a vacuum solenoid valve in the engine compartment to start or stop the pull of vacuum to the exhaust valves. If you shut off the car in sport mode, it is still in sport mode when you start it next time, since the relay is mechanical and not electronic.

Here is the wiring diagram as I set it up:

I ran the wiring under the center console and up into the engine bay along with the shift linkage:

Then there were the vacuum connections. I don't have so many pictures of this part, but here you have the overview of what needed to be connected:

Here are some closeups of the exhaust on the car:

I am lucky, I have such a nice workshop to visit when I need to have work done on my car, TallerBox in Cartagena.

A rough list of parts:

-used OEM Boxster S muffler
-exhaust valves from Capristo
-PSE connection kit and dash switches from Carnewal in Belgium
-Durite latching relay from the UK
-Pierburg vacuum solenoid valve from eBay UK
-wiring, fuse tap, etc
-a ton of work and fun (priceless)

All told, I think I spent maybe €800 on everything, not including my time and welding.

And of course… I had to record some sound. The problem: not enough sound. Everything works perfectly, the valves open and close as they should, the electronics function just as designed. So that is very good. However, I was really hoping for a big difference in sound, so in version 2.0 I'll allow more flow on the bypass side, plus pipe the bypass directly to the outlets. Back to the welding bench I go!

I hope this is helpful to someone!

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Antiguo 07/02/2014, 20:42
gabi gabi no está en línea
Fecha de Ingreso: 21 oct, 13
Ubicación: Mallorca
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What a nice job!!! Really beautiful sound!! Congrats!!

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Antiguo 08/02/2014, 02:14
Avatar de romerales
romerales romerales no está en línea
Fecha de Ingreso: 22 jul, 13
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Great write-up and pics...Thanks, and good luck with v2..
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Antiguo 08/02/2014, 07:37
Avatar de CSA
CSA CSA no está en línea
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awesome job

How much it cost the Capristo exhaust valves? And, Where did you buy it?


La perfeccion es una pulida colección de errores
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Antiguo 08/02/2014, 09:13
Avatar de marc.oasis
marc.oasis marc.oasis no está en línea
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Nice job...... Cool sound... Many thanks for your report.
No Hay Lugar Para La Duda
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Antiguo 08/02/2014, 09:54
EVM EVM no está en línea
Fecha de Ingreso: 03 nov, 13
Ubicación: Alicante
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Nice work Andes nice sound. Congratulations. See you soon.
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Antiguo 12/02/2014, 17:48
Avatar de evan
evan evan no está en línea
Fecha de Ingreso: 06 abr, 13
Ubicación: Costa Blanca
Mensajes: 5
Modelo actual Porsche: 2004 Boxster S

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awesome job

How much it cost the Capristo exhaust valves? And, Where did you buy it?


Thanks everyone :-)

The Capristo valves cost €218 each, without heat shields. The heat shields cost about €20 more. So about €476 for 2 valves, plus shipping, and VAT... they are expensive. I purchased them through one of Capristo's dealers in Denmark, but the best way is to send an email to Capristo and they can tell you where to order.
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